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Telephone support: Available M-F 9:00am-5:00pm EST
email support: 24/7 1-810-724-5454

email support: 24/7
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Contractor Workbook, Proposal WorkbookWaiver Workbook and EPA Lead-Safe Workbook includes FREE unlimited updates and support for 90 days after purchase of registered copy.

Additional support can be purchased for 1yr. 
1yr. support includes unlimited support - product updates - no additional fees. 
1yr additional support starts after 90 days warranty. 
1yr support includes workbook replacement.

You may purchase additional support at any time without any penalties.

What are the terms of technical support and the product updates?

With the Purchase of the Registered License, you are granted a 90 day warranty that includes unlimited technical support, product updates and free workbook replacement.

If you do not purchase maintenance period then you may stay with the latest version of the product which is covered by your latest maintenance period.

You do not receive workbook replacement.  No unlimited support or product updates.

Where can I download the updates?

You can download the updates from our website.  Download from Software_Updates Page.

How can I update to the new version?

Please follow these steps:
1. Close Excel if it is open.
2. Uninstall EPA Lead-Safe workbook, Waiver Workbook, Proposal workbook or Contractor Workbook.
3. Restart your computer.
4. Download the file.
5. Close the Excel if it is open.
6. Extract the EXE file from zip.
7. Run the extracted EXE file.

I used the trial version.  What additional features will I get if I register?

After your trial version has expired you will no longer be able to use that file. Once you register you will receive the registered version that will allow you to save the file and print.

I am a registered user, but I am not able to access any of the programming modules.

You are not suppose to.  All data contracts/forms are available to registered users for modifications but the programming modules are not available for viewing.
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   Pricing for Annual Support
What you get with Annual Support

*  One year unlimited technical support, product updates and workbook replacement. 

*  Option to renew every year. 

*  Annual Support may be purchased at any  time without any penalties.
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