The following are the most typically encountered questions that we receive from our customers. The chances are that if you have a question, the answer may be already provided below.
If you do not find an answer for your question, please feel free to contact us via email

How long can I use the Trial Version?
The validity of the trial version is 30 days. After this validity period you must uninstall or register the product.

What are the limitations of the Trial Version?
Trial version is completely functional for use. However, the following features are not available to use in Trial Version - "Save", "Save As", "Print" and "Export".

How secure are the online orders? cares about your security and has selected Amazon, eBay and Paypal as our e-commerce provider. Your orders will be processed quickly, conveniently and securely. Feel confident when you buy from us.

How long will it take to process my order?
Within 24 hours of receiving the notification we will send you an email giving you the registration or trial file version and instructions on how to apply it. No order is completed until buyer provides computer id which is provided in the workbook trial version.

Why do you need my computer id to complete the order?
In order to secure our program software to one user / PC this is required. This computer id is nothing more than a computer generated id referred to as computer id. Rest assured this id doesn't track you or your computer data and keeps our software virus free. Once you provide us this computer id, we use this id to generate your product registration key which will allow you full access to our software program to be used on your PC only. The computer id is required for license purchase copy regardless of CD, USB or download.

Hard locks our software to prevent illegal copying. Used to generate product registration key to activate product license full access. Computer ID contains a total of 20 combined letters/numbers in the following format XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX. Completes order by assigning registration key to buyer.

DOWNLOAD trial or register version?
Trial or register version download will be a ZIP file(s). After you download the zip file you need to open the zip file(s) using either your system extract function in the drop down menu or you must get WINZIP software. You may find a free winzip HERE but any unzip software will work to extract the forms from the zip file(s). The contracts/forms will not work if they are still inside the zip file(s). There is no need to purchase any software to unzip the file(s).

What is a ZIP file?
A zip file is a compressed file that contains more than one file or a really large file packaged into the one zip file. Generally a complete file is compressed inside the zip file. You will need to unzip "extract" the software workbook from the zip file before use. Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8 system software contains the "extract" menu function which allows regular zip files to be unzipped. You do not need to purchase special software for this function. Be sure to save the zip files in a safe backup location in case you lose your hard drive. You can always unzip the files from the file again if you need to recover your main file again.

I used the trial version. What additional features will I get if I register?
After your trial version has expired you will no longer be able to use that file. Once you register you will receive the registered version that will allow you to save the file and print.

Where can I order the registered version?
You can order the license version online in the "products" section of our website.

How does the software workbook work?
The software workbook contracts/forms are easy to use. Follow the red comments and fill in the blanks. However, if you encounter a problem a "Help" file comes with every workbook. This help file contains any assistance you may need. You may also contact us via email

What other software do I need?
You need to have a licensed copy of Microsoft Excel version 2003, 2007 or 2010 (32bit) installed on your pc.

Can I use the contracts/forms on the job instead of using my pc?
Yes, you can print out as many copies you want and hand write instead of typing data in the blank fields.

Can I get a CD or USB?
Yes, you may order a CD or USB to use our software on your computer. This is generally not required unless you don't have access to the internet. Remember, if you purchase 1yr extended support, we will replace your download file for free if anything should happen to your download copy.

Does software workbooks work on a MAC?
Yes, but only if you have a Windows PC emulator (software) on your Macintosh Computer and Windows PC version of Microsoft Excel. Several good PC emulators are available.

Can I distribute the software application to others in my organization or my friends?
Each software is licensed for installation and use in one computer or workstation. Therefore, it is illegal to distribute to others.

Legal Questions?
If you have any legal questions you should consult an attorney. Consult a lawyer if you doubt any contracts/forms fitness for your purpose or use. We do not provide legal opinions nor respond to legal inquires. The contracts/forms have been reviewed by attorneys, construction professionals and financial lending institutions have been found to be usual, customary, and reasonable in compliance with the current industry standards.

Do I have to buy an annual upgrade?
No, however, we encourage it. We encourage it so that you if you lose your purchase copy we will replace you copy for free. Plus you will receive any updates done throughout the year.

Can I call you?
Yes, you may call but we respond faster to existing customers or email  Our website is designed to cover virtually every issue.  We do not take telephone orders.  You may order via our e-commerce provider, Amazon, eBay, or paypal.

I am a registered user, but I am not able to access any of the programming modules.  Why?  You are not supposed to.  All data contracts/forms are available to registered users modifications but the programming modules are not available for viewing.

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