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Located in Attica, Michigan providing Construction Software forms for the Building Trade Professionals since 1996.

We provide quality, honest and professional low cost contractor forms to our customer.

Contracts/Forms created and designed by residential builder of over 25 years.

Forms successfully used in our own building and remodeling projects with mortgage lending institutions.

After many years of being involved in the building trades as a small residential builder/remodeling contractor.

     I always found my struggling with trying to find the right business form or computer program that would suit all my needs. Most of the time I had to go to a printing company or rely on whatever software was available on my computer that may have had a pre-designed proposal or billing statement, usually not to my liking, nor did it contain my personal logo or letterhead. As my business grew, so did the need for other various forms that would help me be more efficient in trying to sell jobs or with ones already in process. I grew tired of having triplicate forms made by printers, which was costly and the usually suffered being presentable without the aid of a computer.

      Once I started to build new homes with bank funded loans, many more legal documents were required by the lending institutions and title companies as such as, Sworn Statement, Change Orders various Waivers of Liens and so on. Most of which were State legal documents readily available, however, I would have to obtain them, make copies, handwrite the information without error, incorporate by personal logo or letterhead and file a paper copy. To have all these different forms printed would have been very expensive and I would have to keep space consuming files or cabinets.
Then with the help from my wife we created and designed construction Contractor Workbook and our other essential software
Proposal Workbook, Waiver Workbook and EPA Lead-Safe Workbook.

This software contains every form you need, plus more, to operate as a building trade professional whether you are a General Contractor, or an individual tradesman. All forms contain your personal logo/letterhead along with the ability to edit, correct spelling, auto calculate, and to have a customer hard copy file on your computer. In this profession, the goal is to complete the project whatever it may be, but first you have to sell the job. Writing a proposal can be very frustrating and time consuming, so the less time we spend at this process the faster we can get an approval, down payment money, start and ultimately complete the job in a timely manner which really should be our focus because its what we are good at, be a carpenter, plumber, electrician, roofer, painter, etc...

Customers may contact your company via an advertisement or referral from previous jobs you completed, already knowing your workmanship.
I like to back up my professionalism by showing the customer that my presentation of the project is a reflection of the work that I do and gives them confidence in you as well as excites them about their project you are competing for.

Most projects require a plan or design of some sort.  Accompany that with a Clear and Concise Proposal or detailed Cost Estimate, will show your customer that you have spent a lot of time, care and effort into the project which puts you above the rest of the competition, and in turn helps close the sale.

There maybe many programs available costing several thousand dollars, although I have yet to see one that does all that I need or has the proper documents at an affordable price. All the forms in our construction software workbook are a standard format and have been successfully used in my own business practice.

If you have a different format that you prefer, we can design or alter any of the forms to meet your needs at an additional cost.

We hope you see the benefits and time savings this software has to offer along with its affordability when compared to other computer programs.
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